The Foundation and Background of Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion

Readings and Resources

Relevant Links and Readings

  1. Advancing Healthy Workplaces (Website, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
  2. An Introduction to Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion (Info-Pack, THCU)
  3. Comparisons of Workplace Health Promotion Planning Models (Resource, THCU)
  4. Healthy Workplace Month (Website, National Quality Institute and Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
  5. Healthy Workplace Resources (Website/ Resources Online, National Quality Institute)
  6. Healthy Workplaces: What, Why, How (Article, Industrial Accident Prevention Association)
  7. Influencing the Organizational Environment to Create Healthy Workplaces (Info-Pack, THCU)
  8. Steps to Creating a Healthy Workplace (Handout, Industrial Accident Prevention Association)
  9. Workplace Mental Health Promotion: A How To Guide – Chapter on 'Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion - Affecting Mental Health in the Workplace' (Online Resource, THCU and Canadian Mental Health Association)
  10. Workplace Health Strategies (Website & Resources, Health Canada)


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