Element One
Obtaining Management and Labour Support

Readings and Resources
  1. Business Case for Active Living at Work (Website with Downloadable Resources, Public Health Agency of Canada)
  2. Creating Healthy Workplaces (Resource, Industrial Accident Prevention Association)
  3. Issues of Workplace Health and Wellness, Case Studies (Various Case Studies, Canadian Labour and Business Centre)
  4. Psychosocial Risk Management, What Every Business Manager Should Know (Handout, Industrial Accident Prevention Association)
  5. The Business Case for a Healthy Workplace (Resource, Industrial Accident Prevention Association)
  6. The Case for Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion: Making Cents of a Good Idea (Info-Pack, THCU)
  7. Worklife Balance, A Strategic Business Issue (Handout, Industrial Accident Prevention Association)
  8. Workplace Health Case Studies (Various Downloadable Case Studies, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)
  9. Why Focus on a Healthy Workplace? Building the Case for a Healthy Workplace (Article, National Quality Institute, Corbitt, D.)


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2 Altman, D.G. et. al. (1994). Creating Community Change to Improve Health Palo Alto, California: Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention. (A comprehensive 'how-to' resource on the use of advocacy to bring about healthy public policy changes. The book includes a step-by-step model, worksheets and selected case studies).

Applied-Learning Reflective ExerciseEstablishing a Healthy Workplace Committee