Element Three
Conduct a Situational Assessment

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Tips for Successful Survey Implementation

First, double check the following:

  • Management is supportive of the survey
  • Policies are in place for handling any sensitive issues that might arise
  • Instructions are clear and the format is consistent
  • Participation in the survey is voluntary
  • The tool(s) is easy to implement
  • Time required is reasonable
  • Timing is appropriate; there are not too many other surveys or deadlines, etc. occurring at the same time.
  • Respondents will have access to the survey
  • The survey is appropriate for the audiences' reading and/or literacy levels
  • The tool(s) meet the objectives
  • Cost and time are considered from various perspectives

When you look to implement your survey, if you are taking a comprehensive approach:

  • Within the survey, acknowledge all three categories of CWHP, even if you are not assessing all three.
  • Decide on the report format and audience before distribution of the survey.
  • Tell recipients about the tool at least two times before distributing it.
  • Clearly communicate the full process upfront.
  • Follow-up according to the process to which you committed. This means meeting your goals on how and when you will report back to respondents.
  • Train the healthy workplace committee so they are skilled in playing whatever role they have with regards to interpretation of the data.

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