Reaching the age of 40 obtains your life wisdom, boosted self-confidence, and enhanced self-awareness. You also begin to accept changes in physical aspects. Your metabolism drops, which makes it difficult to lose weight. Here are methods to lose weight:

Limiting Carbohydrates, but not completely

Carbohydrates are a source of energy. Eliminating it entirely can cause irritability, fatigue, and constipation.


You may include protein-rich meat with your vegetables, and a small number of healthy carbohydrates to have a perfectly balanced meal with good nutrition and weight management. Vegetables also have antioxidants that help burn fats.

Eating healthy vegetables mixed with a huge amount of carbohydrates will not give weight loss effect because you would have more carbohydrates than your own fat burner.

Moderate Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol moderately can help in weight loss. Excessive drinking can cause obesity if not controlled. If it is difficult to eliminate alcohol completely, you may shift your drinking schedule to weekends, or have only a bottle a day.

Dark Chocolate

When you are in distress, you might experience a stress-eating habit, which puts your weight loss quest in peril. A daily treat of dark chocolate after successful weight management can help in stress reduction.

Five dark chocolate squares contain less than 250 calories but have magnesium, fibre, and antioxidants for relaxation and improved mood.

Weight loss during your 40s can be easy if you follow these guidelines. Be sure to follow it, because after all, life starts at 40.

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