Flu can scatter at a swift pace among places with unvaccinated citizens, which is why it worries us that flu-like symptoms could mean that we have the flu.

However, these symptoms do not necessarily indicate having the flu because some signs could mean a different condition. Here is a list of them:

Common cold

Similar to flu, this is contagious. However, unlike influenza, a common cold does not come with any other body pain.


This can occur separately from influenza and normally happens after the latter. A contagious type can have flu-like symptoms but can be cured with antibiotics.

Strep Throat

It shares lots of symptoms with influenza, but the only signs that you can observe in the flu but absent in strep throat are nasal congestion and cough.


Its flu-like symptoms are fatigue and fever. However, this condition is the swelling of meninges with signs like light sensitivity and a stiff neck.


This can be transmitted through saliva. It has flu-like signs, but the ailment lasts longer than influenza.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

This may cause a cough and runny nose, and this condition occurs slowly. This is flu-like but milder.

Acute Bronchitis

This is caused by many viruses that are the same as influenza-transmitter. Its indication is the pain focused on your throat and chest, rather than the entire body.

When should I consult my doctor?

If your intuition tells you that you have flu, you should consult a doctor within 2 days because it should be treated as soon as possible.

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