The practice of meditation dates back in ancient times. It guides someone in the creation of mental mindfulness to be aware of his own thoughts. If one experiences difficulties in relieving his own anxiety, technology has evolved meditation to be just an app away.

Meditation Apps

Here is a list of app choices for your personal meditation:

Meditation Studio

You can navigate easily through the app with its basic steps and guide that allocate five to thirty minutes each session. Its special features are available for premium members. As for the design, it is simple to avoid distraction.

Insight Timer

This app contains serene music in every meditation guide that makes it exceptional. It has more free professional guides for users compared to other apps.


For beginners, this simple app can be of use. Most of its free guides teach the user about the process of meditation and masters it into practice. Unlocking better guides require full membership.

Simple Habit

This app offers accessible meditation for certain life situations, like before a huge presentation or after having an argument with someone. However, some guides are locked for free users, limiting it. If it suits you, you may purchase the full version.

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