Supplements provide assurance to deprive ailments, enhance energy, improve metabolism, and many more. However, all of these are not safe for intake, because as the supplements’ popularity grows, comes the growth of dangerous ones as well. Here is a guide to help you avoid bad supplements:

Be Careful with the Substances

You must be wary of supplements for weight loss and sexual enhancers. A few of these contain drugs similar to amphetamine, which is prohibited across Europe, United States and Asia.

Selective Shopping

Bigger pharmacies, being popular to the public, ensure that they pull out dangerous supplements faster than small-time drugstores.

China Products

Some supplements made in China might be contaminated due to its poor manufacturing procedure and lack of supervision.


You may browse the Internet, and perform some background check about a certain supplement that may be suspicious for its safety and effectiveness.

Consult Professionals

You may inquire to a doctor or pharmacist. These experts can offer advice about supplements that are effective and safe for intake.

Avoid Suspicious Ingredients

You should be careful about doubtful ingredients that could harm you. Here are ingredients that have side effects:

Bitter Orange – Can cause cardiac arrest and strokes.

Chromium – Can cause kidney failure and anaemia.

Contaminated L-tryptophan – Has neurotoxin that causes toxic reactions.

Kava – Can cause liver damage.

Be sure to take note of this guide for your own safety. It is better to be wary than to be unhealthy.

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