Doing any medical program requires a lot of work and many years of studying and practicing. Specializing in becoming a psychiatrist will add another couple of years to your med studies. To become a psychiatrist, you must first pass the Medical College Admission Test, also known as MCAT. Once you entered your preferred med school, it will take at least 5 years to gain a bachelor in Medicine. This article will talk about the steps you need to take to become a psychiatrist.

What Patients Do psychiatrists Treat?

What Degree Program Should I Enroll in to Become a Psychiatrist?

You can either major in pre-med or psychology, depending on the preferred career path. There is no specific degree in psychology giving you flexibility.

Below we will discuss in elaborate steps what you need to become the best psychiatrist ever:

5. Steps to Become a Psychiatrist

1. Evaluate Your Passion and Interest

Are you interested in helping people become better versions of themselves? Being a psychiatrist involves helping patients overcome their mental issues and improve their lives. So you need to be able to listen with patience, understand, show empathy, be approachable, communicate well, respect everyone irrespective of various backgrounds and care about others.

2. Prepare Early in High School

Don’t wait until secondary is over to start considering what you will do in undergrad school. Figure out earlier to equip yourself with the required perquisites. The majority of medical schools in the world require majors in science subjects and mathematic accompanied with the relevant Languages. For instance, countries like Canada, Australia, the US, New Zealand, and UK institutions will require

strong English.

3. Do a Graduate Degree

A bachelor’s degree in psychiatrist for fresh from high schooler candidates will take either four or five years.

What do I require to join Med School?

Any medicine course, including a Psychiatrist, requires outstanding grades. In the US, requirements are:

  • A high score in your final high school exam. What about international students? Other grades, like the GPA, will be converted to the score. Have stellar grades in prerequisite subjects.
  • Develop a curriculum Vitae
  • Sit for the acceptable Medical entry exam. Most Med Schools will accept the MCAT, Medical College Admission Test
  • Attend an interview

Not everyone will qualify to join medical college straight from high school. So, why should you do this in such a situation? You can opt to pursue another degree program to qualify for a med program.

Alternatively, you can do other post-secondary courses like associate’s degree, high diploma, and certificate programs in a psychiatrist or other medical-related fields. Later on, you can enroll in an undergraduate program.

The advantage of having an associate degree when joining a bachelor’s program is that you will do fewer courses and shorter time, two years.

4. Gain Relevant Experience

Whether you want to proceed with postgraduate education or not, having practical experience is inevitable. The final year of a psychiatrist degree usually involves an internship that enables a student to have hands-on experience. Also, you need to enroll for at least one year of on-job training after completing your study to deepen your expertise in the field.

5. Join Fellowship Program for a Psychiatrist

It is additional training that takes up to 5 years. The training focus on adult forensics, adolescence, old age, childhood, addiction, and more. Colleges of psychiatrists offer the fellowship program where students major five main tests.

Now, you are ready to start your career as a psychiatrist as you gain more experience.

Becoming a Psychiatrist in the US

Aspiring psychiatrists should:

  • Complete a four year Bachelor’s Degree
  • Enroll in the Med school for four- five years
  • Complete a residency program, also four years.

Bottom Line

Aspiring candidates to join this profession should access different medical schools requirements and the job market dynamics to make informed decisions.

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