If you use Budpop CBD products, it’s no news that CBD has many health benefits. What is somewhat still unclear is how much CBD is too much. Here we take a look at CBD usage, or rather dosage, and how to determine what quantity is suitable for use.

CBD Products and Their Labelling

One of the conversations ongoing in the CBD industry is on the issue of mislabeling CBD products. Curlabelinghere are a few lawsuits on these issues. Some companies have taken the CBD health benefits beyond normal, making unrealistic claims about their CBD products- this is illegal.

Currently, the FDA doesn’t allow companies to sell ingestible CBD products. Furthermore, the FDA doesn’t regulate much CBD products, hence why there are many unchecked practices in the industry. That said, there are standard labelling requirements for CBD products.

Yet, if you check the labels of CBD products, you won’t readily see instructions on the dosage of these products. The information you will likely find are:

  • Net quantity of contents – This talks about the amount of active CBD per serving.
  • Product name
  • Information about the manufacturer and address
  • Content Ingredients: Information on caution/warning statements

Determining how much CBD is suitable for you

How do you determine how much of a CBD product is too much? Is there a standard dosage?

Sadly, there aren’t standard CBD dosages yet, but as the industry expands and more research, much of these will become available.

However, these factors will help you decide how much CBD to consume per time.

  • Your body weight
  • The purpose of use
  • Your body’s chemical makeup
  • The concentration of CBD in a product, whether it’s an oil, gummy, pill, or capsule.

The factors highlighted above aren’t an exhaustive list as many factors determine how much CBD is right for you.

In all, talking to your doctor about it is the best way to go about the issue of dosage especially if you are taking it as part of a prescription.

If your doctor doesn’t give any specific dosage, the appropriate option would be to start small and then increase the dosage with time.

For example, you can decide to take as little as 20 mg per day for an entire week. You can increase it by 5mg in the following week until you start getting results on purpose for use.

It will also help if you keep a note of your CBD usage compared to the results you are getting.

Calculating your CBD dosage

The best way to do this is by checking for the quantity of CBD per serving of the product. You will find this information on the product package.

When it comes to the issue of dosage, your doctor is the best professional to recommend it. So, talk to your doctor about it. As much as we have provided a few guides on determining dosage, self-medication isn’t always the best. Talk to a professional doctor today.

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