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Food Allergy and Intolerance: How to identify which is which?

A sudden situation occurs while you are eating a certain dish. Your body reacted to it but you cannot seem to identify if it is an allergic reaction to the food or your system’s intolerance to it. Here is a helpful text to answer the occurrence that wonders you.
Food Intolerance
Intolerance is different from a food allergy in the sense that can occur at any point of your life. Its symptoms can entirely be caused when a certain digestive enzyme isn’t present. This, then,  turns to indigestion that which can cause pain.
Food Allergy
Allergic reaction to food occurs as a response from your immune system. …

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Anxiety Disorder Indications: Do you have it?

Anxiety signs can be difficult to detect. Read about the following symptoms of anxiety disorder as stated by the experts. See for yourself if you are experiencing an anxiety disorder.
Worrying Too Much
When you feel distressed in small or big situations, anxiety could be subtly lurking in your mind.
Sleep Deprivation
Sleeping difficulties could be caused by overthinking. This spends your time overnight and lessens your slumber time that affects your mental health.
Phobia Development
If the feeling of fear becomes unusual compared to the real danger, it might indicate a phobia, which is …

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Ailments with Flu-Like Signs: You think it is Flu, but it is not

Flu can scatter at a swift pace among places with unvaccinated citizens, which is why it worries us that flu-like symptoms could mean that we have the flu.
However, these symptoms do not necessarily indicate having the flu because some signs could mean a different condition. Here is a list of them:
Common cold
Similar to flu, this is contagious. However, unlike influenza, a common cold does not come with any other body pain.
This can occur separately from influenza and normally happens after the latter. A contagious type can have flu-like symptoms but can be cured with antibiotics.

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7 Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

Milk, coffee, cheese, and any other dairy products that serve as pleasing foods for the taste buds can result in digestive discomfort to a lot of people. What is the cause of this?
Lactose Intolerance: what is it?
Lactose is another kind of sugar contained in dairy goods or products. It is broken down by cells in the small intestine by producing a substance known as lactase. Insufficient production of the substance results to lactose intolerance. Here are the symptoms that will help you identify if you have this condition:
After several hours of consuming dairy products, you will notice these …